Korber #704 - O Scale - Steel Storage Tank w/ Dual Tops & LED Build Up

Korber Models

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Product Specification:

Product Number: 704
 Scale: O Scale
 Dimensions: 8.5”tall by 4” wide (16x32 scale feet)
Un-Assembled Kit: 704 Kit


This tank represents thousands of similar units that could be seen from coast to coast to store water or oil for processing or industrial plants to municipal water or even dry bulk storage. This kit makes one tank—with either a flat or domed top.

This kit includes LED lighting assembly that provides a top flashing beacon that flashes at a prototypical 30 flashes a minute (slow). The lighting can be powered by AC or DC voltages from 6 to 19 volts, and can even run from track power if you like.

Eight different petroleum labels are provided for you to detail your kit to match other industry on your layout.

Additional Information:

  • Recommended: For ages 14+
  • Made in the USA